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With aim to help you learn more about our materials, we have created a glossary explaining the composition of the materials in our offer.


AC ACRYL – it’s a fibrefill similar to wool. The fabric is soft and delicate. In addition it retains heat well and it doesn’t crease. Acryl is impervious to moths and dries very well. The fabric doesn’t irritate the skin and it doesn’t produce allergy.

COCOTTON – it’s natural material and it is marked by soft. It doesn’t electrify and absorbs moisture well. Cotton retains heat well and it is last. The fabric is resistant to high temperatures and stretching. It’s considered to be good for skin.

MODAC – it’s a fibrefill. It is resilient, dries fast and doesn’t crease. In addition is impervious to moths. The fabric is comfortable. It’s elastic but it doesn’t stretch and doesn’t shrink. Modacrylic doesn’t produce allergy and it is a special fibre for generate a fur with long bristles.

PANPOLYACRYLONITRILE - it’s a fibrefill. The fabric doesn’t deform after washing. It’s cold, soft and tough. It’s marked by tolerance to temperature changes, solar radiation and moisture. POLYACRYLONITRILE is similar to wool and doesn’t attract moths. Due to feature it retains heat, so it’s reason why the fabric is used to produce a winter clothes.

PE, PESPOLYESTER - it’s a fibrefill. It’s tough and doesn’t deform during the washing. It doesn’t fade in the sun and resistant to moles. Polyester doesn’t absorb the water, so it dries very fast. It is resilient and doesn’t crease. In addition the material is recyclable.

PUPOLYURETHAN – it’s impervious to abrasion and exhaustion. It’s elastic, doesn’t stretch permanently. It dries very fast and it isn’t electrify. The fabric is resistant to UV radiation.

SP SPANDEX - it’s a fibrefill. It isn’t electrify but is is breathable. It adapts to the figure perfectly. It’s a strong fabric which doesn’t wear out. In addition it is resistant to sweating. The material is soft.

VIVISCOSE - it’s a fibrefill but proceed from natural fabrics. It’s breathable, elastic and airy. Perfectly it laids on the body. Viscose absorbs moisture and evaporates it. The fibre is similar to cotton.

WWOOL – The material retains heat and it adapts to the temperature, when is hot, it cool us. When is cold, it’s heat. It’s hygroscopic, what’s mean, it absorbs sweat. In addition it is resistant to abrasion.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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