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The offer of the shop:  even the most demanding customers will find something for themselves. shop offers the largest selection of high-quality fur fabrics on the market. Professional advice and great professional service. Our staff is our strength.



Knitted and fur fabrics- ecological fur, today they are much more fashionable than their natural counterparts. Artificial fur perfectly imitates the natural one, and even surpasses them by various sophisticated compositions. It is subjected to dyeing, cutting, printing or lambing treatments, and is simply captivating. They are really hard to resist!




New generation furs which are made of fibers, are also a tribute to the environment lovers, as a lot of them are recycled. It is also worth remembering that by using artificial fur in the production of clothing or other items, we protect not only animals, but also the environment. Indeed, according to an independent study by the University of Michigan quoted in the book by Magdalena Płonka "Ethics in Fashion" we find out that the production of natural fur is 22x more harmful to the environment than its artificial counterpart.



Artificial fur is made of the best raw materials. For example, from Japanese high-quality Modacrylic Kanecaron fibers. In production the following materials are also often used: acrylic, modacrylic, viscose, cotton, wool and polyester yarn or fibers. The faux fur offered in our store is produced by the Polish and Korean producers.



Artificial fur is a great companion for wool, tweed, woven or knitted fabric, leather and much more. Currently, artificial fur is used in many industries: clothing, footwear, leathercraft, toys, furniture, decoration, or (very fashionable nowadays): fursuits!   Coats, jackets, skirts and dresses perfectly match the faux fur. Faux fur are great for collars, sleeve cuffs or hoods, not only in elegant coats! They look trendy on comfortable sports jackets, so eagerly worn by everyone every day. In cold weather, faux fur is second to none. Let us wrap ourselves in it when it blows cold.



A. Artificial fur for clothing.   A new generation of artificial fur perfectly replaces their natural counterparts. They are light, warm and pleasant to the touch, and also very liked by children. They come in natural patterns and colors or in modern, multicolored versions. Lynx, wolf, fox, mink, rabbit – a long list of animals inspired the design. It is exactly this high quality faux fur that is present in all collections of the best designers, as well as in the collections of popular clothing stores. YES! Without a doubt, today is the era of faux fur.


B. Knitwear for weddings and communions   For many years, the popularity of classic white fur for weddings and communions has not waned. On cold days, covers made of artificial fur are second to none, they envelop and add beautiful wedding dresses charm and class. The same advantages of artificial fur work well with communion costumes. See our gallery of beautiful white furs, as well as the catalog of inspiration for ready-made products, sewn and recommended by the producers cooperating with us:


C. Knitted fabrics for children's clothing   Children love fur because it is delicate, fluffy and pleasant to the touch. Fur knitted fabrics for children recommended and selected by our website have a nice, delicate finish and a great palette of the most popular colors, ranging from white through shades of pink and blue. Selected fur knitted fabrics are Lamb, Minky Crocodile, Minky Leon, Minky Dots, Viscose Lamb etc. See our offer for more!


D. Knitted toy fabrics   In our shop there is large range of various fur knitted fabrics. The most popular ones are fur called: Short Hair Knit or Long Hair Knit. Both types come with a very large selection of colors, low price, and yet they are still eligible for further discounts with bulk orders. All other faux fur is also suitable for toys. It only depends on the needs and imagination of the manufacturer. Can’t make up your mind? Call us, write an email. We will advise and send samples.


E. Knitted fabrics for pets’ accessories   The faux fur we usually propose in this group are knitted fabrics with animal patterns, like Paws Large, Paws Small, Giraffe, Cow, Spots, Dalmatian, etc. Currently, the trends have slightly changed and for the production of products for animals, manufacturers of such products choose faux fur and knitted fur from the higher shelf that perfectly imitate natural fur. For those undecided, we recommend 4 free samples (more available, however with a surcharge) sent by post.


The electrifying colors do not need any help in drawing attention. Juicy green, bright yellow, royal red, sharp purple, or beautiful neon orange are the colors which you can find among our offer of artificial fur. Choose one of them, and you will find that our colorful, classic and modern knitted fabrics and faux fur will contribute to SUCCESS of your new collections.


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In our shop you will find the most beautiful fur imitations, which have been manufactured using the latest technology.

You will find here the widest offer of faux furs in Poland: dyed, printed, jaquard, sleek, with different length of pile and weight. Fabrics enchanting us from the fashion shows and magazines and those that you will see in the upcoming season. Our passion is not only following fashion, but creating fashion trends.

If you can't find in our offer hat you're looking for, send us a message!

We would like to invite you to visit our showroom in Łódź. Attractive location at the crossing of A1 and A2 makes the cooperation with our company very easy and comfortable, and our qualified personel will help you with your order.




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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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