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From Fur to FuziosPuppets: The Incredible Journey of Espinaco

From Fur to FuziosPuppets: The Incredible Journey of Espinaco

Adam 'Fuzio' Zabielski specializes in crafting theatrical and television puppets in the Muppet style, which he creates by hand, pouring not only his talent but also his heart into each one.

Several months ago, Fuzio utilized furs from our store to bring an extraordinary project to life. The outcome was the creation of ESPINACO, a distinctive green Muppet who now acts not just as a mascot but, more importantly, as a friend and educator at the La NUBE language school for children and adolescents in Warsaw, Poland. With his assistance, the younger generation learns Spanish in a fun and engaging way.

Espinaco has become a key figure in education, capturing children's attention with his unique appearance and personality. His adventures and lessons are available to all interested parties on a specially dedicated YouTube channel - Hiszpański dla dzieci La NUBE, where every child (and not only!) can join in the fun and learning. It's truly astonishing how furs from our offering have contributed to the development of such an inspiring educational initiative. Thanks to Adam, the process of learning Spanish for children has become not only effective but, above all, incredibly enjoyable.

Language trivia: did you know that the name Espinaco in Spanish means 'spinach'? No wonder our green friend bears such a name. See for yourself Espinaco in action!


Adam "Fuzio" Zabielski doesn't just create puppets for theaters or educational institutions; his unique talent also finds application among individual clients. Introducing another Muppet, created specifically for such a client using our furs! We warmly encourage you to visit Adam's social media profiles to admire more of his wonderful creations and support his artistic endeavors.

Instagram @fuziospuppets
Facebook @fuziospuppets


Faux Fur 027 Shaggy Turquoise 40 mm

Faux Fur 027 Shaggy Turquoise 40 mm

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