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INFORMATION OBLIGATION based on the article 13 of GDPR

On 25.05.2018 the regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 from 27.04.2016 regarding the protection of the physical persons concerning the data protection and free flow of thereof and repealing the regulation 95/46/WE (general regulation of data protection) shall be enforced.

We are obliged to present you information regarding the ways of processing your data and what rights resulting from it you have.


Who is the administrator of your data?

The administrator of your personal data is ANZA Andrzej Zaborowski based in Lodz, Poland, 90-031 at Nowa 16/18, owner of the e-shop

In order to obtain specific information about processing your personal data, please contact as via e-mail to


How did we receive your data?

We have received your data through:

- setting up your customer account in order to purchase the products from our shop,

- the process of filing an order via e-mail to our company's address,

- the process of filing an order via phone call,

- the process of ordering the samples of our products.


Which data are we processing?

We are processing the following types of data:

- registering data – name, surname, place of residence, e-mail address, phone number, login and password, date and registration channel (in case of a regular account),

- company name, VAT ID, company address, name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, login and password, date and registration channel (in case of a company account),

- data concerning shopping – time of shopping, chosen product(s), basket value, interest in products, return of products,

- electronic and e-mail advert preference- agreement to receiving the advertisement through e-mail, language, frequency, reaction,

- interest in products from the e-shop and 'Sklep' app- based on finalised purchases and browsed products on the website or in the app,

- IP address- information resulting from the general rules of connecting to the Internet such as the IP address (and other information stored in the system logs) used by the administrator of the server for technical purposes. The IP addresses may also be used for statistics purposes- to collect general demographic information (eg. About the region from where the connection is made),

- Cookies- the Shop uses the Cookies technology to adjust the website to the Customer's individual preferences (the Customer may agree for his login and password to be remembered so while using the website next time, they do not need to type them again).

If the Customer does not agree to this, they should disable the Cookies in their Internet browser. 


Some of the data is shared directly by you (eg. While shopping on the website or 'Sklep' app or after clicking on a newsletter).

Do you need to share your personal data with us?

We require you to share the date with us in order to fulfil the process of purchasing the products.

If for some reason you will not share the data with us, we will not be able to enter into an agreement with you and therefore the purchasing of products from will not be possible.

If required by law, we may oblige you to share other crucial data with is for billing or taxing purposes. Apart from those cases, sharing the personal data is voluntary.


What is the purpose and legal basis for processing your personal data?

We are processing your personal data because it is crucial for the fulfilment of the purchasing agreement, namely:

- providing electronic service and using the e-shop in order to purchase the products and make payments,

- setting up and managing your account(s) and providing customer and technical service, and payment options,

- processing the complaints on in case you file one,

- processing inquiries that you sent us (eg. Through the contact form),

- contacting you regarding the provision of services.


Additionally, the law requires us to process your personal data for billing and taxing purposes.

If the law requires to us to get permission, eg. In case of some electronic adverts or some types of Cookies, please provide us with them. If the permission will not be granted, we will not be able to process such data.


We are processing your data basing on a legally justified company's interests, which is:

- adjusting the advertisements in accordance to your  previously viewed content,

- adjusting the product information to match your interests,

- implementing the marketing strategy, including direct marketing,

- contacting you as a part of the allowed marketing strategy through the available channels of communication, in particular (with your permission) via e-mail and phone,

- providing payment service,

- securing the services that we provide you with electronically,

- monitoring the activity of you and he other users, such as: key words searching, placing offers, conducting research and analysis on the website in order to increase the functionality of the website, improving the services and estimating the main interests and needs of the visitors,

- processing your inquiries, in particular those sent to the Customer Service or sent via the Contact Form in a situation where they are not connected to the fulfilling of the purchase agreement,

- organising the loyalty programmes, contests and promo actions in which you may participate,

- payment recovery,

- initiating the legal proceedings, arbitration and mediation procedures,

- conducting statistical analysis,

- storing the data in the archive and presenting the fulfilment of the legal regulations by our company.


The agreement for us to process your personal data may be retracted in any moment. We will process your data until you rectract your agreement.


With whom we are sharing your personal data?

Categories of personal data recipients:

- ANZA as a a responsible unit has access to your personal data only within the spectrum needed to achieve the goals in accordance to the inner task division. For this purpose, access to your personal data will only have the departments and employees who need it to perform the duties,

- service providers employed by us have access to your personal data and process them for clearly stated by us purposes. Such providers are delivery companies, marketing services providers, website hosting companies, IT helpdesk or website analysis companies,

- third parties. In some cases we may share your personal data with the state departments, external consultants, business partners and courts.


Your personal data are not currently processed outside EU.


What are your powers over the company regarding the processing of personal data?

We guarantee respecting all your rights resulting from the general regulation of processing the personal data, such as:

- right of information (regarding your personal data),

- right of access, clarification and removal of your personal data,

- right of restricting the processing of your personal data,

- right of moving your personal data,

- right of not participating in the automatic decision making (including profiling),

- right of objecting to processing your personal data.


You may exert those rights when:

- while demanding to clarify your personal data: if you notice that your data is incorrect or incomplete,

- when demanding to remove your personal data: your personal data will no longer be necessary for the purposes they had been collected for; you will retract your agreement to processing the personal data; you will express disagreement over processing your personal data; your data will be unlawfully processed; the data should be removed in order to fulfil a legal duty or the data has been collected regarding providing services via e-mail to a child;

- regarding limiting the processing of personal data: you notice that your data is incorrect- you may demand limiting the processing of personal data for a period of time necessary for us to check your data; your data were unlawfully processed but you do not want to remove them; your data will no longer be necessary for us but you may need them for legal proceedings; you will object to us processing the personal data: until it is established whether the legal grounds support us or the other party; moving the data: the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, the agreement made with you or when the processing takes place automatically.

You have the right to file a complaint regarding processing your personal data by our company to the supervisory authorities, namely the General Data Protection Officer (address: General Data Protection Officer, Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw).


In what situation you can object to processing your data?

You have the right to file a complaint regarding processing your personal data when:

- processing of your personal data is based on a legally proven interest of the company or for statistical purposes and your complaint is justified by an unusual situation that you have found yourself in,

- your personal data are processed for the purposes of direct marking, including profiling for such purposes.


Remember that you may exert this right from 25.05.2018.


How long do we store your personal data?

We store your personal data during the duration of the contract and after it has been finalised in order to:

- to seek redress concerning the fulfilment of the contract,

- fulfil the legally justified duties, in particular billing and taxing,

- prevent malpractice and fraud,

- conduct statistical analysis and archive


The data will be stored up to 5 years from the date of terminating the contract.

In case of participating in our loyalty programme, contest and promo activity, we will store your data while the actions lasts and during the prize awarding.

In order to prove accountability regarding abiding the regulations concerning the processing of personal data, we will store the data or the documents containing them for the required duration of time to meet the legal requirements, and allow the data to be verified by the authorities.


Do we process your data automatically (including profiling) in a manner violating your rights?

Your personal data will be processed automatically (including profiling) however it will not influence you in a legal way, nor influence your situation.

Profiling of personal data by the e-shop means that we will process your personal data (also automatically) by using them to assess certain information about you, namely analysing your personal preferences and interests.

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