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1.1. The following Terms and Conditions determine the rules of a voucher giveaway organised by ANZA Andrzej Zaborowski – ul. Nowa 16/18, 90-031 Łódź, tel. 42 678 95 51 (referred to as ANZA), 

1.2. The Action is organised in Poland, 

1.3. The terms used in the T&C refer to:

1) Action – action organised by ANZA; 

2) User – person fulfiling the privisions of the T&C; 

4) ANZA – Organiser: ANZA Andrzej Zaborowski – ul. Nowa 16/18 90-031 Łódź, tel. 42 678 95 51, 

1.4. To take part in the Action, the User needs to make a purchase at with an order number of 5000, 5001, 5002, 5003, 5004, 5005, 5006, 5007, 5008 lub 5009.




2.1. To participate in the action, the User needs to fulfil the conditions from 1.4.

2.2. Participating in the Action means that the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Action.

2.3. Participation in the action is free.

2.4. If the User does not fulfil the conditions of the Action, they lose the right to participate in the giveaway and lose the voucher.


3.1. Each User may receive only  voucher.

3.2. Vouchers: order nr 5000 receives a 50 PLN voucher. Orders from 5001 to 5009 receive 20PLN vouchers.

3.3. The vouchers may be used in the Organiser's e-shop at or in a stationary shop at Nowa 16/18 w Łodzi.

3.4. The vouchers may not be exchanged for cas,

3.5. In case the voucher is not used in full, the Organiser will not cover the difference in cash, nor will they issue a new voucher covering the difference.

3.6. The discount is calculated using the gross price.

3.7. The vouchers are valid until 31.12.2019.

3.8. The Organiser states that they bear no responsibility if the voucher is not issues due to wrong data provided by the User, or should they user provide false information making it impossible to pass the voucher onto the User. In such case, the User loses the voucher and the Organiser is not obliged to issue another voucher for the next order.




4.1. The Organiser reserves right to make changes in the Terms and Conditions of said Action without providing explanation, and to stop or prolong the Action.

4.2. The vouchers will be added to the orders of the Users.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
The product that arrived was in great shape, and im satisfied with my product.
Sehr schnelle Lieferung. Der Stoff ist schön und entspricht voll meiner Erwartung. Die Farbe ist genau wie (jedenfalls auf meinem Bildschirm) abgebildet. Vielen Dank!
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